By Nancy Phillips

Yoga, Yoga, Yoga…It’s a yoga jungle out there and I am one tree teaching, not preaching. I just realized that those two words are so similar. Pause and breathe.

This is my first time writing on a blog, so a little lightness here. Imagine the feeling of a coiled rope being tied around you getting tighter and tighter and not being able to move. I experienced this sensation a long time ago and my pottery teacher told me this story that has stayed with me. While he was in college he had a severe motorcycle accident. He was unconscious and lost some of his mathematical side of his brain. He couldn’t speak at the time but he could write and he wrote, I am one…and then wrote his name. He inspired me to stop trying to be perfect and experience what I was doing right in the here and now. “Just for a flash,” he would say, “Throw the piece on the ground and create from there.” Ugh, I still have that piece somewhere and I love it. Continue reading


Written by
Lisa Hampton, MS

If you’re like many people, getting in shape and losing weight are your top goals this year, especially after all the festivities of the holidays. But you know how this story goes – you make some changes for a while but they only last a few weeks. Then you feel guilty and disappointed for not keeping your resolutions. It’s understandable to be enthusiastic at the start of a New Year but it’s also perfectly human not to be able to maintain the momentum. Continue reading