QI BAI GAO – brighten the skin facial wash

This facial wash can be used for regular skin care, especially for age/dark spots, facial discolorations, brightening the skin, and dry skin conditions.

Clean the below herbs, then grind them together into a fine powder. Mix the powder with egg white to form a thick paste and make into small balls. Sun dry the herbal ball.

Usage: After washing the face, take a small ball and dissolve it in a small container of warm water and apply to entire face and neck. Leave for few minutes then remove with damp towel and wash with cool water. Apply moisturizer. Use 2 to 3 times a week.

1 gram of each herb
• Bai Zhi/ Angelica Dahurica root
• Bai lian/Ampelopsis japonica root
• Bai zhu/Atractylodes macrocephalae
• Bai fu zi/Typhonium Tuber
• Bai fu ling /Poria cocos fungus
• Bai ji/Tribulus terrestris fruit